Violence Chapter 5 Summary

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Synopsis of chapter: Chapter 13 is about violence. What it means and how to help a client or the client’s dependents that are being abused in any form.
Main Learnings: The entire chapter has important key learnings. But some of the main learnings are: types of abuse and neglect; the cycle of violence; what does the helper do; and developing a safety plan.
Types of abuse and neglect are an important learning key because it defines what violence is and the different types of categories. We need to know what violence is and the different types so as professionals we can identify it even if our clients are not being honest. Also we need to understand and identify the differences among abuse and neglect. No one will willing tell you that
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Before I had thought, that abuse and neglect were two different things. But now I know that abuse is a lot of things like verbal put downs, any form of punishments either mental or physical. Neglect also can be many things from starving someone to ignoring their needs like if their bed bound and need daily linen changes, also not giving someone their medications is considered neglect. Abuse and neglect happens to any gender, race and age. Also I learned that helpers may work with the abusers. Before I had thought that the helpers only helped the battered clients. Helpers help the clients control their anger and be aware of it when a tense situation arises and the best thing to do at the …show more content…
I know understand what violence in any form is and the many extents of it. The violence is a good teaching and learning tool to understand how it works. This chapter helps explain the many characteristics of an abuser so I can distinguish the difference of an abuser from someone else. Also the “what does a helper do” section shows me and somewhat prepares me of what a professional helper does in this type of situation and how to handle it. This chapter infers that a helper must give the client empowerment and show trust and honesty especially throughout this difficult

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