The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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One of the biggest barriers discovered within this paper was my criticizing. This is a barrier that must be broken down if the student truly wants to see improvement in his relationship skills. The issue is does not come from hate, but a playful attitude. Before the interviews took place the student thought his sarcasm was no more than a joke that no one was bothered by, but this view was radically changed after the interviews took place. The people that took part in this process pointed out to me that they enjoy my jokes, but I have to learn when I have gone to far. I also need to do a better job at reading the situation. No every moment is the right time to use my sarcasm. This will be one of the hardest barriers to break but it can be done. The first key to fixing this issue is prayer and Bible study. I need to seek out God’s help and memorize different Scriptures that remind me to love and build up others. This is also something that I cannot fix alone. David, church member interviewee, has agreed to call me out when I use criticism. He has agreed to us brotherly love to help be remove this barrier that I have within my life. Another improvement that will lead to better interpersonal …show more content…
Every position that I hold in each context is very different from the others. When I am in my home I am a husband, within the church I am a leader, and when I am with a group of guys I am a friend. Before I can become better at relationships I need to understand what I need to bring to the given context. When I am in my home I am a husband. This role requires me to be assertive, reassuring, and phrasing. I also need to be able to resolve conflict when it presents itself. When I am in my church I am a leader so I need listen, order, and advise. Most of these skills will carry over from one group to the other, but my role within each assembly will determine which skills I need to

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