Kurt Wisniewski's Business Strategy: Starbucks Business Model

If there was one strategy or premise I can take away from the Starbucks business model, it is that they want to provide an experience for their customer and not just a commodity. As stated during Kurt Wisniewski’s presentation, “We are not in the coffee business serving people; we are in the people business serving coffee.” This shows how Starbucks is not just serving an everyday commodity to customers. They are interacting with them, using their names, and handcrafting their beverages. Starbucks product is not most important to them; they want to be socially and environmentally responsible as a company. As a market leader in the coffee segment, I will go over the business level strategies that are best for Starbucks to use in the future against their competition, locally, and nationally. Then …show more content…
Starbucks will have to keep up with new trends including technology in order to drive in more business and younger customers. Starbucks already has an app but it is never a bad idea to add new features to provide a better experience for the customer. Through the use of technology Starbucks can lower the costs of their business. This is also something else to be careful about because I think their drinks should be hand crafted and not made by a machine. Competitors such as Dunkin Donuts and Bigby coffee do not use technology as much as they should and this would give Starbucks an advantage on their competition. The last business level strategy I believe Starbucks should implement into their company is first mover advantage. This is the company that is not afraid to make the first move on advances in their industry. For the coffee industry this could be described as a new type of nitrogen brewed coffee. In business you cannot be afraid to take risks and try new things. Starbucks had changed the way people purchase coffee in the world and some of that can be credited to making the first

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