Business Is Lote Outfitters ( Living On The Edge ) Essay

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Describe your Startup Opportunity

The name of my business is LOTE Outfitters (Living On The Edge). LOTE Outfitters is a guided and DIY hunting lodge that has hunting opportunities in Northwest Iowa (Emmetsburg), Southern Iowa (Riverton), Western Nebraska (Scotts Bluff), and Colorado (Brighton). We offer all types of hunting opportunities and wildlife experiences. I have always loved hunting and thought about starting a business in the industry. I have been on the pro staff of a hunting company for a couple years now. This has allowed me to learn a ton of information about the industry and gain multiple connections like sponsors and other outfitter owners. For this reason, I believe I have the knowledge and ability to start my own outfitter. I choose this industry to work in because my addiction and passion for the outdoor world started out at a very young age, from as far back as I can remember I have been involved in the outdoors someway. I grew up in a small town community in Northwest Iowa about 2 hours east of the Missouri River in Emmetsburg, Iowa. Living in rural Iowa you have to find things to do as opposed to large cities that have tons of activities. As soon as I was able to walk my father had me out hunting and fishing with him. I can remember carrying my squirt gun pheasant hunting in grass two feet taller than me and loving every minute of it.


My business will sell several different hunting opportunities depending on the state and location of…

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