Opportunism Essay

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Assignment 1: Incentives and opportunism
Incentives and opportunism are replenished through bad leadership and barriers which, within various institutions, roles between people can change.
The retrospective vision of a technocratic and quantitative way of leading has definitely expired due to voluminous growth of the World Wide Web. Firstly, companies are run by human beings. Humans as such, are greatly influenced by motivational factors which work as incentives. These incentives mutate rational thinking into a survival instinct which favours opportunism. Whether it is the amount of money earned or the improvement in working status, every worker, employee and member of the organisation, defines their own motivational factors. Moreover, the
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Such factors include digitalization, value chain disruption, slow-growth/low-rate macro environment, consumer empowerment and most importantly; new competition.
The competitive environment itself is changing so rapidly that it naturally complicates the business. Therefore fast decision making, execution and raised expectations of advanced market intelligence (MI) deliverables are in increasing demand. Moreover, risk profiles have little to no compromises as such in order to make the deliverables credible enough.
Many industries are under development, or some form of change, which forestalls proper integration of MI entities to take place. Especially financial industries, whom are extremely customer orientated, are in need of progressive integration, mutual understanding and uniform agenda. The aforementioned elements prevent the “invention of the same cycle” in different parts of the organization. This is where many companies might find a way of creating the market for themselves, as well as for the competitors (Virgin, 2014).
Market intelligence, whether its long-term or short-term planning, finds a way of creating the market for its host, the

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