Essay about Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
April Duhon
DeVry University

The United States has several laws that are intended to further fair, balanced, and competitive business practices. Do you think that such laws are effective? If so, why? If not, why not? The effectiveness of the laws that the United States have that are intended to further fair, balanced, and competitive business practices depends on how ethical a business is. Below I will explain why I do not believe these laws are effective due to the way ethical businesses follow the law and unethical businesses do not follow the law. In response to the growth of monopolies that threatened to destroy competition in the marketplace Congress passed the Sherman
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Take the case of Firestone on child labor laws in which they won their case, from, “He said the 2nd Circuit ruling concluded incorrectly that because corporations have never been prosecuted for violating customary international law, there was no principle under that law to bind them.” (Firestone wins Liberian child labor case in US, 2013, This is an example that, to me, shows that unethical behavior is not punishable simple because it did not take place in the US. If this were to take place in the US, Firestone would have been punished to the fullest extend. They are taking advantage of the way our system works. In conclusion, I believe that for companies that are ethical these laws will be effective, but ethical businesses do not need this law in the first place. These laws are for those who are unethical, but that means that if companies are being unethical then the laws are not effective. It is a “catch 22” and we as a people, I believe, need to come up with a better way to prevent corruption and scandal within companies. These laws will never

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