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TASK 1 Scenario: 3
TASK 2 8
TASK 3 12
TASK 4 19
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TASK 1 Scenario:

You have been approached by London Marketing Research Company Ltd (LMRCL), to conduct a research to open up a new restaurant chain by Commission Restaurateur (CR) the Restaurants and eateries belonging to this group. You have been approached to conduct a thorough research and finally present the details to the group itself.
1.1 Create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data for a given business decision.
They are two types of sources that can be used when conducting a research: Primary and Secondary.
Primary sources give first-hand results that are provided by a research or study directed specifically for the case in
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a. Best
b. Good
c. Unsatisfactory
d. Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
5) How is the level of health and hygiene you saw in these restaurants and takeaways?
a. Extremely high
b. High
c. Low
d. Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
6) How satisfied are you with your overall service and options at these restaurants and take aways?
a. Extremely satisfied
b. Satisfied
c. Unsatisfied
d. Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9) How likely would you be willing to change your usual destination of these restaurants and takeaways to another restaurant like COMMISSION RESTAURATEUR (CR)?
a. Extremely likely
b. Likely
c. Unlikely
10) Personally, What is the most important aspect of these restaurants around Stratford, you think should work more at? (Employer-customers relationship)
Data was collected from several customers and set of questionnaires were assigned to identify the customer needs in the restaurants and takeaways industry. The questionnaire started with general information and

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