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Lajolla inc,
Strategy to go into partnership with Actel
Lajolla Software Incorporation specialized enterprise software, customized application development in South Korea and then have grown from $8million to a $150 million for five years. Moreover, we decided to go into partnership with Actel Corporation of the United States.
So, Actel’s executives, bankers, and shareholders will bring proposals on the deal but most of them don’t have a idea about Korea, so we have to plan to reduce their fears from joint with us throughout programs. However, during talking about entering into partnership between two incorporations, it makes some problems related on cultural gap and intercultural communication.
Executive Summary *
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We got also the high ranking in the high technology evaluation. The result of high return ratio in our incorporation proves that going into partnership will be good to both of corporations.
The major problems included intercultural communication and cultural gap in work. we realized differences from researching Western and Asia culture by theories. Especially, Edward T, Hall explained high-context culture (including Korea) and low-context culture (including USA). It can make business confusion from miscommunication with different way of thinking and expression, and also these factors are closely related on business because it showed attitude to deadline, team work and so on.

* Recommendations
Our implementation part will be carried out in three parts: first is a creating a new ‘third culture’ for employee and executives of both corporations. The meaning of third culture involved good factors from each culture to be successful corporations. Hence, second is a internal communication programs (or workshop) to have awareness between different cultures. The last one is one-to-one peers (both from different corporations, but similar position) projects to gain teamwork through different perspectives and then if they succeed in their job, corporation give incentives to them. All of these plans will be coasted $1 million.

* Other supportive information

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