Business As A, Calling, And Vocation Essay examples

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1. Business as a “Calling” or “Vocation”
According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a vocation is defined as “the work that a person does or should be doing”. The first part of the definition (“the work that a person does”) can simply be viewed as the definition of an ordinary job; however, the work that a person should be doing differentiates the term. An individual who chooses his/her vocation feels as though there is a higher purpose and deeper meaning to a particular job. The “should be” implies that there is a moral responsibility to do some sort of good. In today’s society, businesses heavily rely on individuals who seek vocational paths in efforts to expand economic growth within the business while simultaneously maintaining a greater sense of corporate social responsibility. Someone with a vocation will guarantee that their work revolves around societal needs. A prime example of vocational work can be seen in the advanced medical field. Researchers pursue their career path because they believe their work serves a greater purpose; they feel as though they are helping the greater community.
As a Business major with a concentration in Finance, I personally view my studies as a vocation. In the future, I intend to utilize knowledge learned through coursework to engage in a mutually beneficial position for all of the stakeholders in my life. I believe that my work must be beneficial to my employer, and at the same time, I must have a moral obligation to the…

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