Business Analysis : Corporate Brand Experience Essay

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Company who wish to forge stakeholder’s loyalty needs to establish stakeholder’s experience during interaction with the corporate brand (Abratt and Kleyn, 2012). Corporate brand experience represents corporate values and brand image of the company (O’Laughlin et al., 2004) and the aim of every organization are to live its corporate values and brands (Gylling and Lindberg-Repo, 2006). This permeate changes in the way organization thinks and behaves, while relates their multiple stakeholders to be having relationship with the corporation (Hatch and Schultz, 2001). The rise of corporate brand experience is vital in building on the disciplines of brand management and organization theory as it is not only in gaining competitive advantage and strong positioning approach, but is also increase company’s identity, visibility, recognition and reputation (Balmer and Gray, 2003).
Most successful global brands delivers strong brand experience by presenting it core ideas to consumers using the advancement of technology to achieve deeper engagement from consumers via every touch point possible. Therefore, most company shifted from product to corporate branding in their marketing strategies to gain competitive advantage, product differentiation and brace against imitation and homogenization of product and services, and fragmentation of traditional market segments (Hatch and Schultz, 2001).
2.2 Corporate Brand Experience of Service Brand’s Employees Context

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