Bus100 Midterm Exam Solution Essay

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• Question 1
4 out of 4 points
The _____ is the business entity in a franchise relationship that allows others to operate a business using resources it supplies in exchange for money and other considerations
• Question 2
4 out of 4 points
_____ is the contractual relationship in which an established firm supplies another business with unique resources in exchange for payment and other considerations.
• Question 3
4 out of 4 points
The party in a franchise
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• Question 15
4 out of 4 points
The majority of new small business owners rely heavily on _____ to finance their start-ups.
• Question 16
4 out of 4 points
For research purposes, the Small Business Administration (SBA) defines small business as companies with up to _____ employees.
• Question 17
4 out of 4 points
_____are small segments within a market that can offer profit potential to entrepreneurs who know how to serve them.
• Question 18
4 out of 4 points
_____ provide funds to small businesses with high growth potential in exchange for a share of ownership in the company.
• Question 19
4 out of 4 points
A(n) _____ is a formal document that describes a business concept and outlines the core business objectives while detailing the strategies and timelines for achieving those objectives.
• Question 20
4 out of 4 points
Nonprofit organizations are not in the business of
• Question 21
4 out of 4 points
_____ refers to the quality and quantity of products and goods available to a population at a given time.
• Question 22
4 out of 4 points
The hard sell or aggressive persuasion designed to separate consumers from their cash emerged during the
• Question 23
4 out of 4 points
The four major categories of factors of production are
• Question 24
4 out of 4 points
In 1995, a renegotiation of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) took bold steps

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