Bus 520 Final Exam Solution Essay

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BUS 520 Final Exam Solution http://www.homeworkwarehouse.com/downloads/bus-520-final-exam-solution/ BUS 520 Final Exam Solution
Part 1
• Question 1
During which stage of team development does hostility and infighting occur with the team typically experiencing many changes?
• Question 2
__________ teams bring together people from different functional departments or work units to work on a common task.
• Question 3
When voting is required in problem solving teams, __________.
• Question 4
Teams that __________ typically work with a target completion date and disband once their purpose has been fulfilled.
• Question 5
The __________ to team building offers opportunities for intense and concentrated effort to examine group
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• Question 16
__________ occurs when a formal authority simply dictates a solution and specifies what is gained and what is lost by whom.
• Question 17
__________ commonly involves supervisor-subordinate disagreements over resources, goals, deadlines, or performance results.
• Question 18
The term __________ is sometimes used to describe rudeness in electronic communication.
• Question 19
The success of international business practices such as outsourcing often rests with the quality of __________.
• Question 20
The open and honest sharing of information is known as __________.
• Question 21
When in doubt regarding the clarity of your written or spoken message, the recommended course of action to follow is:
• Question 22
The __________ is an unwritten set of expectations about a person’s exchange of inducements and contributions with an organization.
• Question 23
In building on the Machiavellian tradition, managers are often considered __________ when they seek their own goals or use means that are not currently authorized by the organization or that push legal limits.
• Question 24
Managers derive power from both organizational and individual sources, which are called __________.
• Question 25
Which strategy for exercising relational influence can be described as “using the exchange of benefits as a basis for negotiation?”
Part 2
• Question 1
The role of __________ is to promote

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