Essay on Bus 365 Creativity And Innovation

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BUS 365 Creativity & Innovation
Joyce Burnside
Instructor: Alan Witty
August 16, 2015

My personal level of creativity a natural hair product with my daughter mixing oil and other product together these home-produced hair cares come straight from the you use on everyday base and from the grow plant trying to go business with new product and creativity is time consuming and challenge — whether home-based or not — is always motivated by our desire to be the person in charge, work at our own pace, and of course, make more money When you are creativity and working regular job is hard work need to inspire yourselves. Financially, I am paying off my creditor so when we have successfully finish the hair product and finding the right name for our new company, the innovations are as changed as the imaginative individuals who created them. They have extended from kid nourishing gadgets to programming projects to solidified sustenance’s to electronic planting devices to mobile phone frill. Presently we are going over few facts how to market hair product how plan to market is making our own business on YouTube Commercial. I have innovativeness few thought with my granddaughter who is an extraordinary editorial manager in her verse of Tennessee young lady and motion picture about growing up center Tennessee from the west of Tennessee

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