Burton Emergency Hospital Case Essay examples

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The Burton Group of Hospitals in downtown Minneapolis has a patient satisfaction score of 55% compared to 80% in comparable hospitals in the area. Based on patient feedback, the three major complaints in rank order are long waiting, too much movement, and lack of patient focus. The daily census data indicates that 22% of the patients that came to the Emergency Department (ED) had simple fractures. The Hospital is located next to several recreational park systems, therefore the Emergency Department treats a significant amount of patients from recreational sports. Simple fracture procedure has the lowest satisfaction (40%) among the hospital patients.


We advise The Burton Group of Hospitals to reduce the
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* Install room status monitors near Triage:
Patients have to wait in the ED rooms since nurses are often not aware of the whether the rooms are available after cleaning, resulting in delayed room assignments. To counter this problem, monitors indicating the status of the rooms i.e. whether available or not, should be installed near the triage so that patients can be directed to the rooms efficiently. Efficient room assignments along with speedy discharge work can lead to 50% reduction in the wait time before ED nurse assessment i.e. 30 minutes (Exhibit-1).

* Develop a notification system about lab and X-ray reports:
The orthopedist does not know when a patient’s lab and X-ray reports are uploaded in the EMR and checks the EMR at her own time. This leads to a waiting period of 40 minutes while the reports are available just after 15 minutes. The orthopedist should receive a notification whenever a patient’s reports are uploaded in the system. Such notifications will ensure that the orthopedist reviews the reports as soon as they are available and consequently the patients have to wait for the minimum time i.e. 5 minutes instead of 40 minutes (Exhibit-1).

* Develop an inventory monitoring and maintenance system:
The inventory in the procedure room is not properly maintained due to which the doctor often has to go back to the Supply

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