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Burgers. Who doesn’t love them? Whether you’re meat eater or vegetarian, the burger is an essential in the homes of many Canadians. A quick and easy meal to prep, burgers are the perfect staple for creating memories with loved ones at a party, event, or dining room table. With so many varieties and choices to create the perfect patty, there is no risk of even the pickiest eater going hungry.

A long and rich history

The idea of the hamburger has been around for centuries. While the exact time frame cannot be pinned down, the concept of a patty of meat can be found in a variety of cultures over time. From the Ancient Greeks to the Mongolian Dynasty, meat patties were popular amongst the masses. Using bread to sandwich the meat took a little bit of time to pick up on. The word sandwich isn’t even found in record history until 18th century when it was named after the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who enjoyed eating a sandwich so his fingers didn’t stain his playing cards. It was in the late 19th century that the idea of hamburgers appeared in restaurants around New York City.
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The invention of the meat grinder launched around the same time and made it very easy for meat to be minced and then sold in large quantities for a cheap price at various marketplaces. Due to the low cost of preparation, the idea of the hamburger took off as more and more restaurants placed it on their menus. In the 1930’s the named Hamburg steak changed to the modern day name of hamburger, and then shortened even more to just burger. By shorting it to this suffix, it was easier to advertise the variety of burgers available - cheeseburger, bacon burger, and lamb burger just to name a

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