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“Give me two cheese works and a birch” is a common order shouted in one of the oldest food establishment in New Haven,CT Louis Lunch est 1895 founded by Louis Lassen. His great grandson Jeff Lassen runs the burger shop today. Its claim to fame the birthplace of the original hamburger. It 's not only stood the test of time but also by the test of man when the building freed demolition in the 1970s. With its family values, pride of good food and its strict rules Louis Lunch has been the lunch destination not just for Yale student but businessmen and celebrities alike. Running 120 years of history in every bite of there well made burgers. Founded in 1895 Louis Lassen opened a steak and potato lunch shop on the back of a house carriage where he sold high quality steaks. Over time he saved up …show more content…
Many a Yale students have been kicked out for trying to bring ketchup in. According to Jeff Lassen “ketchup overpowers everything when you eat our food we want you to taste our food not the ketchup” (personal interview). Other rule they use toasted slices of bread they never used a hamburger bun and they never will. When ask Jeff Lassen stated that the slice bread is just a tradition the first burger was on slice bread so they kept it going a interesting fact he added was that they have used the same bread since the 1940s Pepperidge Farm “only back then they had to slice it by hand” (personal interview). Values are also big for Louis Lunch everyone gets treated the same as everyone else. One story Jeff likes to tell when actor Paul Giamatti waited in line 45 minutes to get a burger. Jeff stated “everyone gets the same service doesn’t matter who you are” (personal interview). Other celebrities they served were Denzel Washington, the Bush family, George Clooney and many others. When ask why they don 't hang pictures or autographs “we don 't ask and they appreciate being treated like everyone else” (personal

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