Tick Tock Case Study

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Tick Tock. He is a ticking time bomb with Diabetes. Caesar Barber a maintenance worker that eats 4 to 5 fast food meals a week, he has be doing this for years. He thought by them saying “ 100% beef” it was Healthy for him. They don’t sugar coat stuff (hopefully he doesn't eat that too). Well, he had a heart attack which was predictable. He weighed a whopping (whopper) 300 pounds. In NYC City and there is probably close fast food restaurants. He tried to sue the fast food companies for making him fat. He did it too himself, knows the health risks, he probably saw a dramatic weight gain. He would have a better chance of getting blood from a rock. No, he shouldn't of tried to sue them.

First, he did it to himself. It is self explanatory. Caesar Barber ate 4 to 5 meals a week. If he thought McDonalds, Wendys, KFC, Burger King, Chick Fil A, was good for you. One bacon burger is 740 calories, 370 saturated fat, 1480 sodium. That is in one burger. They have people that make 100 burgers just to pick one, glue seeds on it, airbrush it. For god's sake do you really think they are. Fast food is a treat you are not supposed to eat it every day.
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Like I said in the other paragraph, there is 1480 grams of sodium, sodium is salt. A gram of salt is equivalent to a crumb. That is one thousand four hundred eighty crumbs of salt. Gross just talking about it. If you saw 100% beef, shouldn’t you look at the rest of nutritional facts. He “thought” it was gratifying for you. Thought doesn’t mean it

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