Swot Analysis Of Sweet Mama Burger

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This burger seems to be very healthy overall. Strengths include the calories, fat, cholesterol, and fiber. One burger contains 84 calories compared to 100-200 calories per burger. The sweet mama burger has only 1% total fat and has no saturated fat, trans fat or cholesterol. A downfall in the recipe is the sodium content, the burger contains 508.0mg of sodium in only one burger which is very high. The sodium content in the sweet mama burger can be limited by the amount of salt and Worcestershire sauce added into the veggie burger recipe. The burger is high in fiber because of the beans which is helpful in regulating our bodies. Protein content in this burger is not very high because our group used basmati rice as a grain instead of a typical …show more content…
For a high quality burger based on appearance my lab decided that the burger must be colorful, moist, cohesive, medium thickness, be round, and have an outer crust. When coming up with the recipe for our veggie burger we made sure to add in different vegetables that would make it colorful, we used sweet potato, broccoli, onion, and mushrooms. If we added a bit of red pepper, the veggie burger would have been even more colorful. The veggie burger was very moist and cohesive, round, and of a medium thickness. While cooking the burgers, we made sure to cook them enough in the oil so that an outer crust formed on the patties. Based on texture, a high quality burger should be moist, tender, crunchy crispy crust, and should hold up well. The sweet mama burger was moist, tender, and had a crunchy crispy crust though cooking. Because our veggie burgers were vegan we were not allowed to use eggs to bind the veggie burger mixture together, instead we used flax seed meal and water which forms a product that resembles an egg. We used a flax egg in our recipe and it helped prevent our burgers from falling apart. A high quality burger based on flavor must have a pleasing aftertaste, not be burnt, and not be overpowering. I really enjoyed the flavor of our veggie burger, both the vegetables that we used and the mixture of spices. Other people did not seem to like it very much, based on aftertaste our burger got rated the lowest. The veggie burger was not burnt but nicely browned. Overall I think that we had a high quality burger although the flavor of the burger is up to

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