Essay on Bullying Is Not Right : Bullying

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Some people are taught that bullying is not right. Picking on someone by calling them hurtful names has absolutely no beneficial or moral purpose, and nevertheless, neither does putting your hands on someone. All these acts give a bully a sense of power in the moment while the person experiencing the cruel brutality is enduring permanent damage . As the years have gone by bulling has spread through the use of the Internet. This is known as cyber bullying which allows people to taunt people at any given time of day even at a distanc e. This includes sending crude pictures, making fake pages, or tweeting slanderous messages. Cyber bullying has subsequently become the new form of bullying. It is difficult for those who haven 't experienced bullying to understand how the act of a bully damages a person life. A bully knows how to make a victim feel completely numb and worthless. When I was in elementary school I was a victim of bullying and it took years to get over it. Even though it was more than 14 years ago I can say it had an impact on my attitude today.
First, the boys in my class began to taunt me about my grades and the size of my shoes. They called me skinny, big foot, and nerd. I pretended to ignore them. “Boys are stupid little disgusting creatures and I don’t care about them,” I announced strong and confidently. That was a fib and I knew it. Of course their opinions mattered to me, I was a little girl and I wanted to be liked by boys just like the other girls. When…

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