Essay on Bullying Is Not A New Problem

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Bullying is not a new problem. People have been bullying since biblical times, and it is such a common thing that some people are unaware that they are bullying in the first place. Bullying has even been on display on the national stage as well. A great example of this problem is in politics. Bullying is used in the candidates’ campaigns. Insults and demeaning words are directed towards the others as a technique to make their opponents look incompetent or dishonest. Like most people, the candidates also use social media platforms to express their views. Some people do not treat this cyber bullying as a problem since it mainly only takes place in social media as opposed to in-person. Their view is that if a person just checks social media for fun and doesn 't take it too seriously, than he or she could just very easily ignore those words, or even easier, ignore social media in its entirety. Like the presidential candidates, there are those that hurl their insults and verbal abuse at others, without thinking what they are doing is considered bullying. Bullying on social media as well as in schools has become a serious issue and needs to be appropriately addressed. For the victims of bullying, there can be terrible consequences, including suicide. To prevent these devastating results from occurring, our leaders, school officials, and others in positions of power need to address the issue of bullying, including cyber-bullying, and its prevention.
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