Bullying As A Dropout From School Among Adolescents Essay

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Although many efforts to prevent bullying have been tried in schools, the problem persists and the effects of bullying can be serious; therefore, schools must continue to look for solutions to the problem. (Transitions sentence)
As Alika and Henrietta Ijeoma explained in their article “Bullying as A Correlate of Dropout from School Among Adolescents in Delta State: Implication For Counselling” (2012) that bullying is like a fact that one person using power to frighten, embarrasses or even hurt other people who weaker than them (1). There are three types of bullying that occur in school which is physical, verbal, and social bullying. Physical bullying is acknowledged as “physical attacks or injury” to other pupil, verbal bullying is like using words or phrases to insulting other peer, and social bullying is “the use of peer rejection or exclusion to humiliate or isolate a person” (Alika and Henrietta 1). In most of physical bullying cases, the bullies are usually having problems at home, or outside of the school, so they want to take it all out on someone that weaker than them. More importantly, a research that Ching-Tsai Wong, Ying-Yao Cheng and Li-Minh Cheng had done in “Multiple Perspectives On the Targets and Causes of School Bullying” show that students are also bullying other peers “to show off, for money, or just for fun” (Wong 284). Beside the cause of bullying, Wong also shown that “vulnerable students, provocative students, and atypical students” are the potential…

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