Bullying And The Workplace And Affect Morale Essay

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Bullying can also have repercussions in the workplace and affect morale. “Bullying can create and sustain a dangerous work environment.” 12 Bullying can wear down occupation achievement which eventually will lead to loss of production, work nonattendance, and reduction of nurses. “Termination and turnover are expensive consequences of bullying because most hospitals cannot afford to lose nurses.” 12 In addition, bullying can have effect with solidarity, participation, and communication eventually leading to the patient not being safe. A survey was conducted on 184 workers, “81% were registered nurses.” 7 The result of the survey revealed that cause of the bullying had a bigger effect than the rate of occurrence of the bullying. For instance, “bullying from supervisors and patients was less frequent than from physicians and other direct workers, bullying from supervisor and patients had a greater impact on productivity.” 7 Nurses who are bullied tend to leave the hospital and go work somewhere else. Another survey was conducted it was revealed that “511 respondents, 31% reported being bullied at work and as the occurrence of bullying increased, the nurses left the organization.” 7
As a nursing student ready to enter the workforce, I could not work If I am bullied, it is difficult enough to take care of the patient and the families needs let alone being bullied by the team leader, charge nurse, nurse manager and even the director of nursing. A survey was also conducted on…

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