Bullying And Its Effects On Society Essay

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After Kenneth Weishuhn told classmates at his Lowa high school last winter that he was gay, his family says anonymous voicemail threats began popping up on his cellphone. At school some of the student’s yelled anti-gay slurs, harassment got so bad that teachers at South O Brien High School in Paullina Lowa, began standing guard in hallways. Media accounts suggested the perpetrators had been bullied, states began “rapidly” addressing bullying, and eighteen states have laws that allow victims to seek legal remedies for bulling, either from school that doesn’t act or from the bullies themselves. If the bully’s parents refuse to cooperate a lot purse fines or criminal charges through hall envisions community service, for scofflaw parents bringing them into the process, hall says “helps to connect the dots for a child”. The tragic suicide such as K.J.s have galvanized educators into a zero tolerance stance on bullying, through “K.J” situation one of the six students who did this returned to school and worried about gagging too many young kids, and that’s when the criminal justice system involved. Even though they play cruel to someone, should cyber bullying have harsher punishments because caused kids to commit suicide and causes emotional damage to another person? Should bullies be treated as criminals? (Toppo). Although many of teen think they’d have no problem texting people or they own friends to harm them. Even though they play cruel to someone, should cyber…

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