Bullying And Its Effects On Our Experiences, Social Constraints, And Emotional Pressure

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Life constantly challenges us to make decisions based on our experiences, social constraints, and emotional pressure. Making the wrong decision can have lasting implications. Take for instance being a witness to bullying. Education has increased awareness and has made it known that bullying is wrong; however, it is an ongoing problem. Witnesses to bullying have a choice to intervene or do nothing. Choosing not to intervene, usually because of social pressure, not knowing how to inform others,fear of physical harm, or simply shock, can have a lasting effect on both the victim and the witness. While not intervening can often be an easy choice, it can lead to emotional stress and guilt to the witness, an ongoing culture of harassment, and produce physical or emotional harm to the victim.
A person can be bullied in many different ways such as; cyber-bullying, verbal bullying and physical bullying. Cyber-bullying has been growing throughout the recent generations because of the new social media websites. Bullying is not like teasing, it will be pushed further than teasing. Causing long term damaged and will cause the person to be feel helpless. Adults must be aware of the bullying around to make sure to take it seriously and deal with the issue right away (Electronic). Most people do not understand the long term results of the bullying, to not only the victim but to the witnesses and the bullies as well. Sometimes, there is not a witness to bullying and it all goes…

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