Bullying And Its Effects On Children Essay

1084 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
Students, parents and school personnel alike have used the term “bullying” to describe the hostile behavior and interactions that occur between pupils in and out of the classroom for dozens of years. From teasing on the playground to pulling someone’s hair these methods of communication have changed drastically within the last couple of years. With the increase and advancement of technology and the resources that are provided to children during the school day, the term “cyberbullying” has become a more prominent problem in institutions across the world. As a result of both the “classic” and “online” types bullying children in school settings suffer from long term negative effects, for example being unable to focus on studies and having anxiety towards attending school. This leads to the need of new and improved programs implemented in schools that combat bullying and encourage harmony and acceptance of the differences of others, a change in the definition of bullying, and a larger focus on the education of parents and school administrators alike on aiding children going through this psychological trauma and preventing children from causing it to others and as a result would reduce the amount of anxiety and depression in adults worldwide. According to Malecki (2015) who wrote the article titled “Frequency, Power Differential, and Intentionality and the Relationship to Anxiety, Depression, and Self-Esteem for Victims of Bullying” there should be three ways in…

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