Bullying And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Bullying is most certainly not a new concept in our contemporary society, not by any measure. This problem has existed for a number of years, and in a great number of separate forms. However, no matter when it occurs or what form it takes, bullying is an issue that must be stopped. This is the very point that Lee Hirsch, director of The Bully Project, also known as Bully, is trying to make. Through the film, he hints at a number of different ideas that surround bullying and its existence, like the magnitude of the impact that it has, and that people consistently ignore the issue. However, more than anything else, he highlights one key idea - these victims are all normal kids, no different than their neighbors or classmates. Yet, for an inconceivable reason, they are victimized
Without a doubt, it is clear that bullying has a deep impact upon the victims and their families. Hirsch makes this fact clear in his documentary through the usage of the three appeals: logos, pathos, and ethos. In terms of pathos appeal, he tries to generate sympathy from the viewers by displaying several different cases in which the idea of bullying’s deep impact figured in greatly. In his display, he covers both personal and interpersonal, specifically familial, impact. First, there is the example of Tyler. Throughout his childhood, he was always picked last for sports pickup games and called negative names by the kids he was with. And, for this reason, he cried. However, this bullying got to the…

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