What Is Bullying Enigma Essay

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The Bullying Enigma article emphasizes that everything and anything should not be considered bullying. School employees know the seriousness of bullying that seems like a never-ending story with no concrete resolution. The overuse of the term bullying can be misconstrued when a child is labeled as a bully for being involved in only one incident. Labeling a child as a bully after one incident can be a stigma that could travel with the child throughout their school career. Everybody needs to understand that bullying is constant harassment where the tormentors impose their size on someone who is vulnerable and physically weaker. Children don’t have to like each other; however, they should respect each other and never tolerate bullying on any level. …show more content…
Dealing with bullying is so complex, there’s not one solution that will solve the matter effectively. It’s an ongoing mission that is problematic with no definitive answer. Some people may feel that bullying only occurs in schools; unfortunately that’s not the case. With the advancement of technology, children have access to continue the harassment through social media. For instance, an incident occurred on June 9, 2016, involving a 15 year old girl named Tovanna Holton, who committed suicide by shooting herself because bullies posted a nude video of her on Snapchat. It’s a shame that her friends took pictures of her and posted them online for others to view. Being talked about and calling her names were too many wounds for Tovanna to endure, which unfortunately lead to her demise. Children need to be educated on the dangers of bullying and the consequences that can lead to unfavorable …show more content…
Most children are spoiled where they want the latest gadget and think they’re the coolest person for having the newest innovation. Besides children being consumed with technology, adults are no better walking, talking or texting unaware of their surroundings. There has been instances where I seen some people almost get hit by vehicles for not paying attention. I understand technology is the way of the world; yet, the dynamics of communicating has changed where most contact is via text message or email, which feels less authentic.
2. Bullying is a complex puzzle because solving it needs all of these pieces. (p. 2) I believe this statement means that everything needs to fit exactly so the puzzle is complete. All the pieces need to be aligned and not out of place. A problem may arise if one piece of the puzzle doesn’t fit. Like the saying goes, one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch. Working as a team will be easier to combat a difficult issue that has no definitive solution. Searching for a resolution can be tireless; nonetheless, it’s a constant puzzle that must be

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