Bullying And Harassment : A Big Today 's Society Essay

1147 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
Bullying and harassment plays a big in today 's society. Many deaths have been due to Bullying and harassment. Many people witness some type of bullying or harassment throughout their high school career. Not only do you hear about bullying happening around the world causing major issues between bullying and harassment happening in school and even outside of school. So many schools have had suicides due to bullying in result to, schools having to change the flow of the rules the school has set out. Many rules have been changed with the fact that every school has to be more involved in a student 's everyday life at school or even outside of school. By outside of school it can mean, bullying happening in school carrying to what may happen outside of school. This can happen through social media, an very powerful source that many teens have adapted to throughout the years. Technology can usually play an important role in bullying and harassment depending on what is going on around school and what may carry on through to social media. Such as, people starting rumors about you through an group chat or people posting rude comments about an person. There are many types of bullying and harassment that goes on the school grounds out outside of school. For example, the School I attend is Madera High school, which is a typical school with roughly over a population of over two thousand five-hundred students. A well populated school. A school that may be thought of as a school where not…

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