Essay on Bullies Everywhere

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Jasmine Valencia, Shanta Porter, Jacob Stanfort
October 29, 2014
SOSC 200
Mr. Mason

Harry & Sally We all believe men and women can truly be friends. I said yes, but men can’t help but wonder what it’s like to have sex with his female friend. It’s up to him if he decides to act upon his curiosity. As long as the man keeps his mouth shut then he can have a great friendship. Shanta believes men and women can truly be friends because she has guy friends and they get along fine. With all of her guy friends, they have a strong bond. They can talk to her about anything knowing that they will not be judged and they can ask for advice; this is vice versa. They chill and hang out as if she was one of the guys. Jazmine believes men and women
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Another reason why the friendship is still going is because they both are in committed relationships. This works well for them because they come to each other when one of use in going through something with their significant other. They come to each other for relationship advice and just to see the opposite sexes point of view in situations. Jazmine believes you can trust what someone says or does who has sexual interest in you because at the end of the day that’s all it is , sexual interest. She’d be more worried if it was love. She thinks being sexually interested in someone doesn’t mean you’re going to lie to them. She just thinks that is how humans are wired, to have sexual interest in the opposite gender and there’s no harm to it.
I do think a man and a woman can spend significant together because you may simply not be attracted to them or they may be unattractive but that doesn’t mean they aren’t your friend. Shanta is a witness that can say girls and guys can spend time together without the friendship going any further. Like she said before she can hang out with her male friends just like she was one of the guys. The fact that she is of the opposite sex doesn’t matter nor affect our friendship. Jazmine thinks men and women can spend plenty of time together without wanting to take the friendship to the next level. She talks from personal experience. After spending so much time with a friend, she starts thinking of them as more of a family member than a

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