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Human Resource Management

SECTION A 1. Define and differentiate between Job Analysis, Job Description and Job Evaluation. Select an appropriate job evaluation method and create a plan for evaluating jobs of scientists in different grades.


JOB DESCRIPTION: It is a statement of duties, tasks, activities of a position. It elucidates the primary and secondary activities of a position. It also presents the reporting relationship and also the conditions under which the position holder should work. (For ex, desk job, lot of travelling involved, always on the field, etc)

JOB SPECIFICATION: It is a statement of
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BS defines job analysis as the determination of essential characteristics of a job in order to produce a job specification.

Job evaluation helps in design of jobs that enable achievement of organizational goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. It is also used to design jobs that lead to better involvement and job satisfaction for people who perform the jobs.


Job analysis is the fundamental process that forms the basis of all human resource activities. In its simplest terms, job analysis is a systematic process for gathering, documenting and analyzing data about the work required for a job. The data collected in a job analysis, and reflected through a job description, includes a description of the context and principal duties of the job, and information about the skills, responsibilities, mental models and techniques for job analysis. These include the Position Analysis, Questionnaires, which focuses on generalized human behavior and interviews, task inventories, fundamental job analysis and the job element method.

The United States Govt's Union Guidelines on Employees Selection Procedure (1978) and the American Psychological Association's principles for the validation and use of personnel selection procedure stipulates that job analysis is essential to valediction of any and all major human resource activities.

A job analysis provides an objective picture of the job,

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