Building a Learning Organization Essay

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Building a Learning Organization


This report is a review on two articles on Learning organizations and the practices followed by them. While the article by Garvin focuses on the building blocks that help an organization to recognize where it is, the second article is a review on a Think Tank meet that focuses on 9 best practices the leading learning organizations have followed. Initially, the importance of the meaning, measurement and management of a learning organization is described. Later the five building blocks that learning organizations need to be skilled in are emphasized. The different stages of knowledge are focused on in the next section. The report ends with
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Garvin’s article mentions that these activities help an organization to make enduring improvements that can result in qualitative gains.

The first few pages of the article emphasize on the importance of the meaning, measurement and management of a learning organization. The rest of the article focuses on the main Building blocks that aid an organization to improve and become a learning organization. Garvin gives a lot of examples to elaborately explain his theory on a learning organization. The article also emphasizes on the stages of knowledge, and the half-life curves that can be used to compare between the performances of a company’s divisions.
The second article is about 9 best “best” practices of high functioning learning organizations. This article elaborates about the practices several organizations have followed to be in their respective competitive positions. This article is basically a review on the Think Tank meet of several organizations.

The practices which lay a strong foundation are explained initially. These five practices are: Alignment, Offering, Execution, Inspection and Uniqueness. This white paper provides an inside look at 20 learning leaders “best” best practices with respect to the issue or opportunity it addresses, what the

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