Essay on Building The Largest Car Industry

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Our task involves running the largest car industry that consists of taking multiple challenges of meeting customer’s expectation, challenges of designing, manufacturing and commercial. We will be operating in two regions beginning with region one, in four cars segments. As group we have responsibility of critical management of enhancing our manufactures and selling several rages of cars that consists; low cost car, family, Eco-friendly and image.
Our main duty will be facing several decision making process according to selecting appropriate strategy and managing resources in marketing, car manufacture, engineering and employees moral. It is very important to particularly taking the following into account when implementing the right decision. Our consumers purchasing decision will related to marketing such distribution channels, advertising, after sales services and sales. Although the car engineering is most criterial of our customers that comprises; comfort, size, performance, consumption, model and manufacture in which our business branching out such international merger and success
The task was very challenging after discovering and identically to my past group work but the difference was that we had to present our business idea. The Mega simulation, I felt the business was very close to reality in which I think have developed the pressure and the opportunity of what’s like to run business in real world. As group we haven’t create specific role for each member of the…

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