Building Off Of Best Practices Essay examples

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In order to implement an effective program, it is necessary to build off of best practices. To do this, one must analyze previous prevention efforts that target individual level, community level, and structural or policy changes to learn what has been most successful in populations and locations similar to Aboriginal injection drug users (IDUs) in Saskatchewan. These studies are completed in a range of locations and with target populations that are comparable to Aboriginal IDUs in Saskatchewan.
To target individuals, one must focus on individual knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and skills. Strathdee et al. conducted a study to greater understand needle sharing in Vancouver (1997). This case-control study evaluated inquiries focused on drug use, sexual behaviours, source of needles, and depression. A logistic regression was used to identify individual behaviours that determined whether one would borrow needles. Their results showed variables such as depression, homosexual activity, and living with a sexual partner affect whether an individual would choose to share needles. Social determinants, specifically a history of sexual abuse, are one of the most noteworthy predictors of needle borrowing among Vancouver’s IDUs. Interestingly, access or barriers to clean needle use were not associated with the decision to borrow a needle. This study is successful in noting the importance of early identification of these factors as a necessary component of HIV prevention programs.
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