Building an Ethical Organization Essay

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Building an Ethical Organization
Cheryl A. Boyd
September 23, 2012
Jennifer McNaught

Building an Ethical Organization

Today it is more important than ever for an organization to be seen as an honest and ethical organization. There is a long list of organizations that make the list of unethical organizations. Companies that abuse the public trust and are perceived to be abusive to clients, are dishonest, and give poor service make the list of unethical organizations. We have all seen the reports on the banks and scandals like Enron. We see daily the retail stores singled out or being sued for the mistreatment of employees. The list of ethical organizations is a much shorter list. This list is made up heavily of nonprofits
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An ethical organization will also have a strong vision statement. Just as the mission statement lets you know the values of an organization the vision statement will tell you how the organization sees the future. A strong vision statement will let the public know where the company sees itself in 5, 10 or twenty years in the future. It is also important to have a strong code of ethics, leadership, and a plan to make sure the code of ethics are carried out for the protection of the organization, the public, clients, employees, and society. It is critical for an organization to have a strong ethics board or an ethics audit to make sure the organization stays on track with its code of ethics. Medicate America is a 501(3c) non-profit organization that helps low income clients with no prescription insurance to get life sustaining, long-term medication at a free or greatly reduced price. Medicate America is a 501(c3) non- profit that utilizes the hundreds of prescription assistance programs available to the public. The staff uses a data base of the available programs to search for and obtain the medications for the client. The organization is completely HIPPA compliant and all information done on the initial intake is completely confidential. The intake process is done by phone by trained volunteers. The client is asked information about insurance and other programs such as Medicaid and Medicare that the client may have. The

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