Building an Ethical Organization Essay

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Building an Ethical Organization Final Paper
HSM 230
October 7, 2011

Building an Ethical Organization The community has opened a human service organization that will focus on the treatment of behavioral and mental health disorders. The organization will provide services to individuals of all ages in the community who have been diagnosed with a behavioral or mental disorder. The organization will help treat some common conditions such as anxiety, mood disorders, dementia, personality disorders, bipolar, trauma issues, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), and many other psychiatric disorders. This organization is a for profit organization that will have counselors, psychiatrist, nursing staff, and a social services department who
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This organization will be the voice for all its clients. It is the director’s responsibility to be a positive and ethical role model by demonstrating ethical decisions, behaviors, and activities to staff and the clients. A leader has many responsibilities to the organization and its constituents. A leader needs to know how to deal with dilemmas or issues that may arise in the organization with staff or with the clients. A leader cannot think of his or her self-interest within the organization. I will have an open door policy where staff and clients can come to me at any time about any problems or issues that may arise. I will work hard to resolve those problems and issues in a way that will benefit the client and the organization in an ethical manner.
The mission statement will support the ethical system by providing services to all members of the community regardless of race, color, gender, age, national origin, and religion. The organization has a code of ethics that all staff must follow. All client information will be confidential and protected by the Privacy Act (ASPA) and Health Information Privacy (HIPAA).
The mission statement will hopefully send the message to the community that this organization is here to help all members of the community with behavioral and mental disorders that have been overlooked for many years by individuals and

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