Essay on Building an Ethical Organization Part 1

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Building an Ethical Organization Part 1
Andrea Dent
May 27, 2012
Beth Elbertson

Building an Ethical Organization Part 1
I was just appointed director of a women’s treatment facility. At this facility we offer inpatient treatment for women and their children up to two children. We offer outpatient treatment, aftercare, individual counseling, family counseling, group sessions, 12-step meetings and job readiness. This organization is a non-profit organization where we have to seek funding from outside resources and have to follow strict guidelines. Our mission statement is to improve the quality of life for women and children with care, compassion, and strength. Providing respect and dignity to all women and workers.
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We will have low tolerance for any type of discrimination on any level. All employees will respect the clients and community beliefs and cultures.
As a treatment facility we will provide assessments and work with the clients accordingly. Since we are an impatient facility we will make sure that all our clients have the medical coverage they need are provided with transportation to get back and forth to necessary appointments. We also will provide our clients with moral support in any court proceedings whether it is with children services or city and county courts. We are here to provide our clients with knowledge and strength so that they can lead a positive and productive lifestyle.
When women come into treatment they are torn and broken. Their feelings and emotions are all over the place and they are not quite connecting on how to handle them. These women are usually in a hopeless state and feel that their world is coming to an end. They are also torn and broken spiritually and physically and needs to be uplifted. It is very important to help these women get in touch with their feelings and emotions so that they can connect with whoever their higher power is and began to have that conscious contact. Most of the these women have to learn how to live again which consist of having to learn how to love themselves, learn how to be responsible, learn how to parent and except responsibility for their own actions.
A value statement is

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