Building Adult Relationships : What Is Not Counseling Essay

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In the course of Counseling in Audiology I class, I discovered several valuable concepts that are essential to my development as a counselor and as a professional. Additionally, my duties as a health care provider involve several counseling services including building adult relationships, pediatric counseling considerations, mental health considerations, and multicultural considerations. During my progression in becoming an effective counselor the areas I decided to discuss were 1) what is not counseling in audiology, 2) strategies to effective reasoning, 3) how to have a difficult conversation, and 4) resilience.

Building Adult Relationships: What is not counseling in audiology?

Last year during the summer semester I had my first clinic appointment with a newborn. During the session while casting the newborns earmolds the mother asked when her child was going to develop speech. At the time, my experiences in pediatric counseling were limited and I didn’t have an answer to her question. Using an informational counseling approach, I explained to the mother that there is a possibility that her child may develop speech. I explained to the patient the earlier the child is fit with hearing aids the better prognosis. My supervisor took control of conversation and explained to the patient that there is also a possibility that her child will not develop speech. She told the mother that it is important for the child to continue to wear her hearing aids and that our job is to…

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