Building A Safe Work Environment Essay

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Establishing a safe work environment is crucial to the accomplishment of any private or public workplace. Accident prevention and safety is one of the greatest ways to maintain dedicated staff and increase efficiency, while decreasing costs and liabilities. Although there are short term financial costs associated with implementing a safety plan and installing safety equipment, the effect of not taking action can be catastrophic. Furthermore, leaders need to ensure that the business they reside over does not create health and safety problems for their workforces, patrons, or the community.
At present, health and safety in the workplace is typically commonplace and expected. However, only a few years ago during the Industrial Revolution, it would seem that the health and safety of employees were always in subsequent place behind company revenues. Towards the end of the 18th century, the Industrial Revolution was so innovative there were primarily no laws to regulate new industries. Restless for labor, the immigrants to the new industrial cities such as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania had no bargaining power to demand higher wages, fairer work hours, or better working conditions. Pittsburgh, known for manufacturing treacherous products like glass and molten iron, was also identified for consistent work related fatalities in plants because absolutely no safety systems were in place. Another example of complete indifference to the health and safety that directly affected the citizens…

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