Buddhist Teachings On Buddhist People Essay

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Buddhist teaching help people become more aware of themselves, and the world around them. They also help steer people’s mindsets away from negative thought and actions. One of the ways to help clear your mind, and follow the ways of the Buddha is by meditating, through the ceremony of Puja. Also by following the Dalai Lama, and what he has had to say about the religion, and the teachings he has spoken about in many of his world tours. These impact on they way Buddhist individuals and the whole community live amongst themselves and in public, with all of them believing in Karma.

One of the Buddhist teachings is Karma, meaning that the energy you put into and action is the same energy that will come back to you in your next life. For example, if you complete an action with a bad intention then that bad energy will come back to you. The Dalai Lama has written over 100 books teaching Buddhist how to live a proper life. These books show people what to do in their life without putting a negative energy out. “being attainable through special insight affected by strong effort.” (BUDDHAGHOSA, 5th century India) shows that putting in a strong, positive energy can lead to Nirvana, bethe place of pure peace and happiness. To put out positive energy people need to follow the eightfold path. Having the right mind and though can impact the lives of individuals because they are refrained from putting out negative energy. The eightfold path teaches people what do do throughout their life,…

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