Btec Business Unit 4 P1 Essay

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Types of information:
• Verbal communication is where somebody talks face to face with the audience and could also include eye contact and body movements, Wilberforce use verbal communication in a full range of things one example been a English teacher reading out a poem.
• Written communication is in the form of physical symbols called words. It doesn’t have to be words though, in the broader sense it could be things such as diagrams and charts. So therefore all visual or numerical representation can be included. One example of Wilberforce using written communication is information booklets about the college. Onscreen
• Onscreen communication is a combination of many things for example a PowerPoint,
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Wilberforce ICollege are in the tertiary sector as they provide a service so they don’t technically manufacture anything buy they do use information about their students to build lessons around the students to make it easier for them.

• Administration is the paper work side of things where information about staff salary, recruitment and annual pay are all kept in a record by the business admin. Wilberforce College have a business admin keep records on their students and staff and also work out where money should be spent and how much should be spent per quarter.

External... Government
• These are supplied by, among others, the ONS (Office of National statistics), The DTI (Department of Trade and industry) and the OECD (Organisation for economic development). Some of the key government publications include the monthly digest of statistics include the Regional trends and Labour market trends. Wilberforce College use the annual census to predict the growth of the amount of students possibly attending the college in say 4 years time, they do this by finding the population of Children around the age of 12. Trade groupings
• Trade groupings are groups of businesses from the same industry or marketplaces that provide a service to representatives or their industry. They can act as pressure groups to initiate positive change for

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