Bshs441 Week 4 Quiz Essay

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Please pick 3 of the provided topics, your choice, and define AND provide a solid real-life example for each topic. Each question is worth (1) point total. It will be scored ½ point for your definition and ½ point for your example. Please post all completed quizzes to your Individual newsgroup. DUE THURSDAY!!!
1. Neutrality: State of being neutral, being unengaged between others, and taking no part in sides. Example, the mother of Tiffany had to remain neutral when deciding upon allowing her to go to her father’s house, the mother must keep her personal feelings from interfering with her decision.
2. Confidentiality: Privacy or secrecy, limited to the people authorized to use the documents or information. Example, the therapists must
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a. Analysis
b. Strategies
c. Skills
4. As a human service professional, what is your ethical obligation regarding advocacy? (1 pt).
Being aware or developing awareness of one’s own values and priorities the make sure that your values don’t impose on your clients values, promoting changes for clients and causes, and influencing change.
5. Briefly discuss one of the barriers that are experienced in regards to effective service delivery (1 pt).
Finding a solution: Finding the solution is the most important factor in the service and not being able to find a solution creates no result or outcome for the client. Therefore leaving the client with no answer to their problems or concerns.
Benjamin is a sight-impaired 7 year old foster child. He has been attending a mainstream public school and excelling. Benjamin is bright and sociable, and he seems very contented with his situation. Although he takes some regular classes, he also has an instructor who assists with his learning of Braille and computer resources every day. Because of budget cuts, the Board of Education now says that he must attend a school for the blind, explaining that they can no longer afford special tutors in the school.
The position as Benjamin’s advocate is to keep him in this school, as his foster parent’s can’t afford to send him to a private school, nor can the agency provide either the services or the funding. The case worker (advocate)

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