Bshs 302 Complete Class Essay

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BSHS 302 Complete Class

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Introduction to Human Services
BSHS 302 Week 1 Individual Assignment – What is Human Services Paper
Individual Assignment: ‘What is Human Services’ Paper
Write a 950-1250 word APA paper exploring the nature and purpose of human services• practice, including the following: o The goal of human services o The history of human services o Common intervention strategies
Must provide at least 1 reference from 1 of the 3 Major
Databases from the University Library (EBSCOHost, Gale, ProQuest). Provide a copy of the article attached with your assignment
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Then check Full-text and Peer-reviewed
3. Search on the following keywords: “Child Welfare” and any minority population (i.e., “African American”, “Native American”, “Latino”, etc.
4. Select one article to review Gale PowerSearch 1. Go to Gale PowerSearch
2. Click on Advanced Search
3. Check: “to documents with full text ” and “to peer-reviewed publications”
4. Search on the following keywords: “Child Welfare” and “Drug Abuse” (feel free to play around a little with different keywords, such as methamphetamines, etc.).
5. Select one article to review ProQuest 1. Go to ProQuest
2. Click on the Advanced tab
3. Check “Full Text” and “Scholarly journals, including peer-reviewed ”
4. Search on the following keywords: “Child Welfare” and “cultural competence”
5. Click on “more search options” to explore ways to find articles of interest (optional)
6. Select one article to review o Review your selected articles. Summarize each of these articles in an annotated bibliography using your APA manual. o Type each reference in APA format using your APA Manual as a guide. Each citation will be followed by a summary of each article (not the abstract), exploring the key issues noted in each article. Your final assignment will include a title page in APA format, and your annotated bibliography in this order:

o Title page o Citation of article 1 in APA format o Summary of article (about one or two paragraphs) o Citation of

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