Brutus Speech In Julius Caesar

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In his speech, Brutus attracts the audience, and asks them to hear his reasons for killing his old friend Caesar. Brutus claims that when he killed Caesar, he had good intentions for doing so. He states, “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more,” (III.ii.22). Brutus is declaring that he murdered Caesar for the good of Rome, in order to protect the wellbeing’s of others. Hence, he slayed one of his good friends in order to stop him from becoming a tyrant of Rome and saving the Republic, therefore showing he is admirable. This demonstrations how he is honorable to a cause for looking out for the romans and his country. Next, Brutus loved Caesar but, he had to kill him because of his ambition. When Brutus says, “I honour him: …show more content…
This displays how cautious Brutus truly is. Finally, Brutus shows himself to be very noble. The last example of Brutus’s honor is when he starts with “Romans, countrymen, and lovers!” (III.ii.13). By saying this, it is apparent how Brutus’s speech was formal and more directed to the Romans. Additionally, this was used to join everyone together and later help him justify Caesar’s death. By speaking more to the romans, he is indicating how he wants what is best for the people, which killing Caesar was. He was protecting them for the right of Rome which shows how great of a leader he genuinely is.

In comparison of speeches, Mark Antony’s speech is persuasive but not nearly as honorable as Brutus’s was. He proves to be honorable in a way to an individual which is not what honor is all about. When Antony states, “and Brutus is an honourable man..,” he is trying to be sarcastic with the audience to get him on his side (III.ii.81). When Antony keeps referring to him as an "honest" man, he is being very sarcastic, showing how cunning he really is. What he says and what he means are two completely different things. He's prodding at Brutus' guilt, trying to get under his skin. The fact that Brutus really is honorable

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