Brutus : An Anti Federalist Essay

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Brutus, a pseudonym for Robert Gates, was an Anti-Federalist who was against the signing of the Constitution. He wrote to the citizens of New York many documents on his views and why the United States should not be under this new government. In his first paper, he talked about how Congress, the new body of government, could undermine the States under certain circumstances. Also he proposed reasons why this new way of ruling could not rule over such a vast territory that this brand new country came upon on. Many of Brutus’ examples and reasoning still exists in today’s modern era in which these contemporary political circumstances still impact us daily. Brutus believed that Congress would use their new found power to undermine the States’ rights and pass laws that would destroy the peoples’ rights. One big problem that Brutus brought up was the taxation of the people with unlimited power. The legislature has the authority to contract debts at their discretion which means that they have the ability to do this whenever they pleased. This concern is still widely debated today on the topic of how much, who, when, and what to tax in the United States. There are many people who fight for that the rich should be taxed more in proportion to middle or lower class citizens. On the other end there are the people who fight for equal taxation between all citizens of the United States, no matter what their economic situation is. Another aspect that Brutus mentioned in his statement was…

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