Brronfenbrenner Case Study

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Secondly we have the exo-system, this is where an individual can experience an impact from the influence of a setting that they do not participate in (Ford, 2005, p.15). As suggested by Bronfenbrenner (1994) for a child, this exo-system may be the interaction of a parent and their place of work.
Tracy’s dad has experienced pressure at work that may have resulted in dad turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

The last system is the macro-system, this is where culture, society, values, laws and policy can influence the experience of developing self. Bronfenbrenner (1994, p.40) argues that for some cultures, the macro-system can be seen as a blueprint for society.

It is also important however, to acknowledge that this ecological model can
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This concept allows us to gain an understanding of what individual’s experience, in different contexts throughout their lives and how this can affect their development (Ford, 2005, p.15).

Following on from my explanation on the ecological theory, I will now use this approach to enable me to understand Tracy’s behaviour in the context of her environment at the age of four.

At the age of four, Tracy’s micro-systems would have been her family, home and school. Tracy attended nursery on a regular basis and there had been no concerns at this time regarding Tracy’s development. At this time Tracy may have had a secure base at home with positive attachments with her parents. However nursery staff then became concerned when Tracy appeared to be withdrawn and destructive with toys. After intervention from Tracy’s health visitor, it was found that dad had established a drinking problem due to pressure at
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In addition Leonard (2001) suggests that the perpetrator cannot use alcohol as an excuse for his aggression. Consequently though, the perpetrator may use the excuse that the intoxicated victim instigated him to behave in this way. In addition Klostermann & Fals-Stewart (2006) also suggests that studies undertaken have suggested that violence in the home may be increased by substance use and used as an excuse for behaviour. Furthermore Klostermann et al (2006) argue that the perpetrator may use substance abuse as an excuse for his violence so as to reduce his guilt.

This may be dad’s way of coping with this experience, however this strategy is seen as maladaptive for it has had a direct impact on Tracy. This impact on Tracy is known as the exo-system, as Tracy is not a participant within dad’s work setting, however she has experienced the influence of this setting through dad’s

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