Brownie Descriptive Writing

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One of the best places to go when your Friday night plans fall through is 600 Wellwood Ave, Lindenhurst, Long Island. When my friends and I arrive I can read “Applebee’s” in big, bold, red letters from across the parking lot. It’s like a ghost town until you reach the corner of the strip of businesses. Applebee’s brings the parking lot to life after 10 o’clock when you are eligible for half off apps.
From the minute I walk in I see various high school sport teams covering the walls. Your first time here you may think it is dark and mysterious because when you look to the right through a glass window you can barely see the bartender making the famous Long Island Ice Tea. However, do not be fooled, you can see the light of the tunnel by looking straight ahead past the male host who is dressed in all black.
“Stephanie, for four” the host yells out loud and clear, practically damaging the ears of the people next to him. My friends and I arrive at
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With the first bite I get a tease of the hot fudge oozing from the top of the brownie. Furthermore, with the second bite is when things get crazy. From the second you put the slightest amount of pressure to the brownie is when you will see brown, shiny hot fudge pouring out like a volcano.
Appreciating the soft, gooey, brownie, I remember the equally irresistible ice cream beginning to melt on my plate.
From here on out I take a small spoonful of each to mix the smooth, cold texture of the ice cream and the soft moist texture of the brownie. When the ice cream is on the spoon with the hot brownie, the brownie soaks up as much ice cream as it can. The only thing that lies before me now are crumbles of brownie and some liquidly ice cream too melted to scoop up.
If you are looking for a fully cooked meal, this may not be the place for you. However, if you are a student on a budget you minimal needs will be

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