Broken Family Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… A couple thinks to separate because most of the time they can not handle the pressure to perform their responsibility on their families. Broken home may affects the child’s perception in life, his or her attitude sometimes become negative to others and sometimes become dependent on his or her environment.

Foreign Studies A number of studies have identified that; “failing to establish a strong emotional bond with a child and not spending the necessary time in attention” affects their well-being.[11] This is related to the current study because having broken family changes the needs for attention of an individual particularly his or her emotion towards the feeling of his or her parents. The children are better off in a home of discord where both parents live. Children from healthy home are better in all aspects, having a complete family are important in youth’s outlook in life.

According to the study made by Gudrun Schultz about children involve in broken family. He says that when it comes to educational achievement, the children living with their own married parents do significantly better than other
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They will be asked to identify additional prospective respondents.

Instruments The researcher believes that much more can be achieved using different tools and techniques. In this research, the basic instrument use is questionnaire. It helps facilitate the gathering of essential and pertinent the information. The questionnaire was composed of sets in relation to the problem at hand. In gathering the data, a transmittal letter was used to ask permission from the person or persons concerned in conducting the study. The approval has enabled the researcher to gather data for sound findings, valid conclusions and recommendations. The purpose of this research has been explained clearly and precisely to concerned who were able to participate actively. A transmittal letter has given insight on the purpose of this study.

Statistical Treatment The following are the statistical treatment that will be used to analyze and interpret the data of the study. 1. Percentage – this will be used to quantify the demographic variables of the respondents which are the age and

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