Broken Education, Broken Future Essay

1419 Words Nov 8th, 2016 6 Pages
Broken Education, Broken Future Throughout the many years of school, there has always been those couple of classes that everyone dreads to attend. One of said classes being mathematics class. So many formulas and long problem solving processes, not to mention the mountain of homework to be assigned that night. My question is, why do kids feel this way about all of the math classes? Math surely can’t be all that bad. I found some of the answers in an article in the New York Times titled, “Who says math has to be boring?” In this article, Chris Cascarno and the rest of the Editorial Board at the New York Times expose many of the problems with the way many math, science and engineering classes have been set up. I agree with many of these reasons, however, I feel that they could’ve dug deeper into the surrounding of each situation. In the article, they describe how a shockingly large portion, about 90%, of students in today’s era are not interesting in the fields involving majors in science, technology, engineering or math. These fields are collectively called STEM. They explain how today’s educational systems has flaws, therefore leading to the lack of interest in STEM fields. Through exposing these flaws, they have also shown us a few ways to repair them. One of the many ways they suggested to repair the problem is to expose the children earlier to numbers. One such way to do this is to offer number lessons ion preschool classes. I totally agree that this would help, as the…

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