British Rule In Ireland

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Ireland, under British rule was a very mistreated and violent country. They are better off now, without the rule of the English Crown. Ireland, before Britain came into the picture, did not have a true leader for the country. The country was not even claimed by a big civilization like Britain and Rome for over a thousand years. Once Britain gained their rule over Ireland, over time the Irish society was severely affected and their land was stolen. The colonist and the Irish were violent and harsh to each other, even after they had independence. The Republic Of Ireland has become a very strong country, and with more time they could become a huge world power one day.
Ireland before Britain, did not have a government, or much of a history
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Once Britain had some control over Ireland, they were able to see what Ireland’s land had to promise. Food is always something a country was going to need no matter how developed it was, and it has been well known that Ireland had plenty of lakes full of fish. Ireland Under Britain 's rule, was a very violent and scary time for those who had just colonized there and those who had already been there. With, “The division of the island into two political entities is the legacy of a long period of British rule, dating back as far as 1171, when King Henry II declared himself king of Ireland (“Irish”).” Ireland went from a land of many different rulers to having one which to take a lot of getting used to.With the colonist moving into Ireland it had to of cause a lot of tension between the colonist and the Irish people, because they were taking land and things from them that they had their whole lives. English Royals took land from the Irish and started their own plantations (“Ireland”). Ireland possibly had much more land for farming than the already developing Britain. Plantation brought in money to the Royals and their country. Britain did …show more content…
Once Ireland got its independence in 1922. The Northern Part of the country became separate and remained part of of the UK. There was a great amount of violence there because of the Catholic Nationalist and the Protestant extremists, up until The Good Friday Agreements in 1998 (“Irish”). The United Kingdom at this time was becoming a Protestant country, and Ireland had been mainly Catholic before Britain. The two different religions had issues ever since Protestant started in England. Which in return could have helped motivate the groups. Ireland cut their Commonwealth ties with Britain, and it became a Republic, instead of the Democratic state it originally was, in 1937 (“Ireland, Republic Of”). Ireland and Britain, historically have different backgrounds and different morals, being tied together through the government could cause disagreements between the two countries while trying to decide on things. Ireland joined the European Community in the beginning of 1973, which later became known as the European Union (“Irish”). Ireland joining the EU was a big step for them as a country, because it gave them a say in the Europe area. It helps bring countries together and allows them to work as one to help better each other 's countries. In 2008, voters in Ireland voted against changing their constitution for the EU, that would help larger countries have more power while voting on decisions

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