British Imperialism During The British Colonization Of India Essay

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British imperialism in India was a time period lasting around 2 centuries from 1757 to 1947 when they finally left the country. British imperialism was split into two periods, the rule from the British East India Company from 1757 to 1858 and the rule under British Crown, 1858 to 1947. The rule and extension of influence through India started from the British East India Company establishing trade routes/posts throughout India. They were able to control parts of India partly due to the use of sepoys(Indian soldiers) but the mistreatment of them lead to the Sepoy Rebellion in 1857. This was a major turning point in British imperialism because since the natives rebelled, the British Crown decided they should take over leading to the second half of the British rule called the British Raj. The new rule lead to a new era of abuse of the natives, political movements for independence which eventually lead to the independence of India in 1947. Overall, the British colonization of India had many positive impacts like the advancement of agricultural techniques which lead to an increase in food production, an increased amount of education given to children and the changing of the country’s political system to a democracy at the end of British rule as a result of nationalism. There were negatives such as the suppression of human rights including punishing those who peacefully gather, demanding yearly tributes from the country and forcing rightful rulers of the country out of power while…

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